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The Food

Ollie’s Local is your place for good food and strong drinks. No matter what any time of the day you visit, they’ll have something great for you. With a full brunch, lunch and dinner menu you’ll find fine food that fits any mood.

Enjoy a delicious Stuffed Belgian Waffle for brunch or chow down on one of their signature burgers. Check out the full menu and happy hour specials that they have to offer.

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The Atmosphere

The setting of Ollie’s Local will have you feeling right at home with it’s local tavern feel. Be ready to lose yourself in the setting and comfortably fit right in with the decor no matter how you are dressed.

Once you’re inside, it just takes one quick look around to see the thought and creativity put into the welcoming interior at Ollie’s Local. That translates well into your food selection: Ollie’s doesn’t do “bar food” they do good food.

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The Experience

Laugh, love, live, cheer, hug, and high five. Join Ollie’s Local for an experience unique to it’s spot in Martini Corner. Great food and good time await you, and don’t forget to check out their live music calendar.

Visit Ollie’s Local’s website, full menu, calendar or make a reservation at their website below.

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